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Simply Me

"I'm a writer," I claim, as I pick away at a novel I've been sitting on for years and is going nowhere.

"I'm a writer," I explain as I show curious friends and family and sometimes just basic acquaintances that my browser history is full of queries like "circumpolar constellations" and "fantasy mining town layouts" and "Spanish beaches and architecture".

"I'm a writer," I say, as I don't write.

I've always wanted to write novels. I never want to write about myself. I'm boring. I write in my journal when I'm having a particularly Strong emotion that needs to go somewhere, and that's why the journal is four years old and only about 1/8th full.

So this is me trying to write more. And not just my fantasy stories that swirl around in my head until I get them out on paper. This is me actually writing consistently, and not only when I'm hit with the mood, or when the story is coming together. This is me trying.


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